Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rows & Plots

                                Latitude 34.11140, Longitude -92.92640

These are the GPS coordinates for Clement Cemetery.

You should try to imagine the layout of Clement Cemetery.  It's situated in a SE to NW configuration with Row 1 in the SE and moving back towards the NW to Row 29.  Each row has the POSSIBILITY of 32 plots.  However, there are approximately 572 plots that I am aware of....that does not mean there are not others.  

And there MAY be more plots across the road separating the cemetery from the land attached to Rob Clement's house. 

In any given row there are five possibilities for any given plot.  

  • One, it's occupied by a deceased family member so noted by a headstone or marker, 
  • two, it can be occupied but unmarked, 
  • three, it may be reserved for a family member WITH a headstone already in place, 
  • four, it can simply be "reserved on paper", 
  • five, it may be an "available" plot.  

So when I begin 'laying' out the cemetery row by row, just because there is a picture of a headstone with a loved one's name on it don't panic....they are probably alive and well.  

If in doubt, perhaps now would be a good time to give them a quick call. 

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