Saturday, June 1, 2013

Clement Cemetery

Welcome to Clement Cemetery!  YOUR family cemetery.

My name is Susan and it's my great pleasure to be friends with Betty Clement Hartwick and her three daughters Sue, Sissy, and Brenda.  They live in Little Rock, AR and so do I.  

Quite by happenstance one day we were speaking of cemeteries, in general, and Sue mentioned that every year the Clement family (descendants of James and Lucinda Trammel Clement) gathers on the 1st Sunday in June for Cemetery Day to share a worship service, lay wreaths on the headstones and visit with extended family.    

Being an amateur genealogist the idea of a family cemetery positively intrigues me.  And your family cemetery does not disappoint with its abundance of beautiful headstones and the meticulous care of the grounds! 

As your humble servant, it's my privilege to act as your virtual cemetery caretaker and guide.  My objective is to introduce the cemetery on this blog person by person, row by row.  

Please feel free to comment with suggestions, additions or corrections to anything I write. 

Your love for your ancestors is apparent by your faithful gathering. Your honor for your loved ones a credit to their memory.

God bless the Clement Family!

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