Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's Get Started Because This is One Large Cemetery

I truly enjoy walking these grounds, but it is a lot to cover.  And I must credit Sue Hartwick Pyland for being a very able assistant taking photos and notes for me. Without her, well, let's just say, I might be pushing up daisies. 

Over 300 souls rest in Clement Cemetery in 2014.  Some of the loveliest and most unique headstones recall the significant information about their lives.  When they were born, who their children are, dates of marriage to the spouse they shared their lives with, sometimes icons denoting their life's work, and sometimes we know the fraternal organizations they belonged to, and most certainly we know the date when they left this world. 

I'd like to note that every person whose identity is known has some sort of marker.  And there are markers in place for those who are buried in Clement Cemetery but whose names have long since been forgotten and are unknown to this generation.  Remembered all the same and their graves tended to like all the rest.  

We don't all get to choose where we will spend eternity, so to speak.  But the Clements do and a more peaceful place to repose on top of Clement mountain in Grapevine, Arkansas there is not. 

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